Model Info

PLEASE read the product descriptions for the best idea of fit for every item. Not all items fit the same. Boutiques often carry 100's of different brands and unfortunately most brands have different measurements which vary from product to product. 

Example of our product listings: 

This is the big question when shopping online! No one likes having to exchange for a different size so I am always happy to help you choose the right one for you. You can pm me or drop a comment on any of the groups and I'm likely to see it pretty quick.
The BEST way to know what size you need to order is to know your MEASUREMENTS!
  1. Grab a tape measure and measure across the largest part of your chest, likely right under your arm pits.
  2. Measure your waist (around your belly button).
  3. Lastly, measure your HIPS or where you like to wear your pants.
  4. Write this info down and save it somewhere on your phone!
  5. Grab your current favorite top and pants. Measure them as well, this will give you a good idea of what your preferred size looks like un-stretched, measured flat. 
Pretty much every website you're going to order from, Maple Mercantile included, will have measurements of each item. I measure my items FLAT across and UN-stretched (certain tops and pants WILL stretch further than what's measured, refer to the "Fit" recommendation as well.) 

Examples are below:  

size chart
This top is 25" across. You can assume that if you have a chest measurement below 50" that this will fit great! This particular top is listed as having NO STRETCH. 

This top is 26" shoulder to hem, you can measure this on yourself by starting at the top middle of your shoulder and over the largest part of your chest. 

Pants size chart
Most of the pants at Maple Mercantile are stretchy! Keep that in mind when considering these measurements. You don't want your skinny jeans falling off! 
These pants are 14" across, meaning a person with a 28-30" waist would find these just right depending on the level of tightness you prefer. 

Inseam measurement is how long the pants will be from the middle to the hem. These pants have a 26" inseam. Pants that have a 25-27" inseam are generally considered to be "ankle" length.